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Information: A commodities distributor is looking for a Sales Coordinator.

Computer literate
Must be able to communicate well in both English and Filipino
Must have significant experience in sales coordination, record keeping, and inventory tracking.
college graduates, fresh graduates, or those with extensive relevant experience welcome to apply

If interested please send me an e-mail at or text 922-529-7267.

We are also looking for qualified truck drivers to drive an elf.

Qualifications Must have a professional drivers license At least restriction 3 If interested please send a text message to 922-529-7267.

If interested you may send inquiries or your resume to

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1.  Food Safety Management documentation for a large scale commercial processor.

2.  Development of a Food Security Program for a high level processor.

3.   New Product Development: We are currently developing sugar-free product versions of an existing product line for one of our exporting clients.

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